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Branson's Premier IV DRIP BAR 

HydroRx IV Infusions

by Accucare Medical Clinic

What is IV Infusion therapy?

IV infusion therapy is a treatment that involves administering a solution of vitamins, trace minerals and hydration-supporting fluids through an intravenous (IV) route. The IV administration offers direct delivery to the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system and any obstacles that can hinder absorption into the tissues and cells. This can allow the body to receive 100% of the nutrients for maximum benefits. There are various types of IV vitamin infusions that can also be customized for a patient based on his or her health concerns or symptoms.


What are the benefits of IV drip therapy?

Some of the benefits of IV infusion treatment include:

Delivers nutrients directly in a patient’s vein for quicker results.

Improved circulation following treatment.

No downtime following treatment.

Performed in our medical clinic by a Registered Nurse.


What can IV infusion therapy treat?

Regular use of IV vitamin infusion treatments can help address conditions or symptoms such as:

Immunity support

Chronic fatigue


Vitamin deficiencies

Jet lag


and more!


What to expect during treatment?

You will receive an evaluation by the Nurse Practitioner to evaluate your symptoms, medical history and determine if an IV infusion should be administered.

Recent labs will be reviewed or we can draw labs during your initial appointment, if necessary.

The IV catheter is established and the infusion is prepared.

The IV infusion session will usually complete in 45-60 minutes.

Patients typically report immediate improvement in symptoms following treatment due to increased blood flow and blood volume from the hydration.

IV Infusions start at $85.00

HydroRx IV drip bar also offers IM shots!

These shots are delivered intramuscularly (IM).

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin D

Skinny shot fat burner

and more!

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