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Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Pricing

Our pricing is simple - just as it should be!

Doctor's Appointment

We’re excited to welcome you onboard!


Simple memberships. There are no hidden costs or complicated invoices that show up weeks later. 


Transparent pricing. If you have questions, simply ask. We’re happy to assist!

Memberships include fees are charged each month via ACH, debit or credit card and starts on the day you sign up. A typical doctor’s appointment costs about $100-150 per visit so you actually pay less and get more with your Accucare Health Membership! There is no enrollment fee but we do charge $150 re-enrollment for lapsed or cancelled memberships.


Children 0-18 with Parent Membership



Children 0-18 with Parent Membership



Ages 0-18 without Parent Membership



Ages 19-64






Includes one or two parents + all children ages 0-18

$200 monthly cap


Ages 65+ - Due to Medicare regulations, we are unable to offer any health memberships for Medicare recipients at this time. If you are interested, please hop on our waiting list and we'll notify you as soon as it changes! Thank you for your patience. 



If you are interested in offering a tangible benefit to your employees, then consider giving them an Accucare Direct  membership! A discount will be given when you enroll annually.


Please call or text us at 417-783-3337 or email at for more information!

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